Trust our experts with your most important work!

The profession of translation is not only learned at school, but also comes through diligent practice, with translations being revised as much as possible by an experienced colleague. Knowing a couple of languages is not enough, and a loose translation will not do. The reality of translation is that it requires an impressive amount of terminology research and a major effort to structure sentences. A competent translator uses the appropriate vocabulary to match the context and level of the text to be translated.

There is little doubt that you could probably translate your own personal documents or have one of your bilingual employees translate an internal memo. However, when it comes to an annual report, an official document or a text that will be published, it is better to trust your work to a competent linguist. An experienced translator will take into account all the nuances and subtleties of your publication and use the most appropriate language and terminology. A well translated text will put you in a professional light with your clients and other parties, and will read as though it were originally written in the given language.